General Information

Some general information about hunting with the CUDH:

All meets are at 1pm (unless otherwise stated) and are followed by a tea. Hound exercise is at 11am and will be followed by bacon sandwiches.

Adult £40
Students and Pony Club £20
Hound Exercise £10 adults, Students/Pony Club £5

Subscriptions allow you to compete for the drag at team chases and inter hunt relays. The entry fees for which are supported by the hunt.
Three meet sub - £100
Six meet sub - £200
(Students and PC members half price)


Point to Points:
We have a point to point in the spring each year and any offers of help are greatly appreciated.
Please contact the Masters for certificates.

Joint Masters
New Student Masters for 2018 -
To Be Announced

Huntsman - Duncan Maxwell
Whipper in - Samantha Morgan
Field Master - Cathy Scott

Supporters Committee
Samantha Morgan
Clare Burrows
Polly Sewell
Sophie Pettit
Chelsea Bailey
Sophie Mathew
Jackie Biswell
Cathy Scott
Duncan Maxwell

Information on whether meets will go head in adverse weather conditions will be posted on our Facebook page. Please follow us for the most up to date information

The joint masters of CUDH would like to thank all of our supporters,
landowners and attendees for their help, patience and time. Without
this the hunt could not operate and the unique opportunity given to
the student masters would be sorely missed. Thank you.