Q - I've not been before, can I come out with the CUDH?
A - Absolutely, we welcome new members throughout the season. Just get in contact with one of the joint Masters to let them know your intention of visiting. via the Facebook page is fine. We'll try and help pair you with someone who can help 'babysit' you if you'd like; as having a calm experienced horse can help your horses first hunting experience. We also have non jumping field masters for some of our bigger hunts such as Semer and Great Gidding.

Q - Do I have to pay to come out with the CUDH and if so how much?
A - Like all hunts we do ask for a Cap (payment for a days hunting) both for hound exercise and for hunting.
An adult cap is £40, students & pony club £20, while hound exercise is £10 per person and £5 for students & pony club . Please always give your cap unprompted when asked by a member of CUDH supporters.

Q - I'm not sure what to wear for hunting?
A - We like to keep to traditional at CUDH so for hound exercise please wear a shirt, tie, and tweed hacking jacket (aka Ratcatcher) or on warm days instead of a jacket and body warmer in a plain colour in also fine. As long as you're smart and presentable that's good. Horses do not need to be plaited for hound exercise.
Once the season starts proper (at and after the opening meet) tradition suggests you should be in navy or black jacket, although a tweed jacket is fine also, stock and beige breeches/jodhpurs. Horses should be plaited if possible but otherwise always neat and tidy.

Q - My horse kicks/is young/hasn't been hunting before, what should I do?
A - If you know your horses kicks or is liable to kick then please always put a red ribbon in it's tail which is universally known to signify to others to keep away from it's back end. Also please keep any horses that kick away from the hounds please! It's advisable to always face your horses to the hounds as not to surprise it.
If you have a young or inexperienced horse then we advise putting a green ribbon in it's tail which will signify to other members that it needs some extra room as it could be unpredictable. If you feel someone is getting a little close put your hand behind your lower back which signifies to other members that it needs a little more room, or if all else fails verbally politely ask others to give you some room and not get too close. If your horse hasn't been out before and you are worried it might need some time to get used to it ask us about which are our quieter meets and try to come to hound exercise first. (We have hound exercise throughout the season if the weather is too bad to hunt.)

Q - I want to come out with the CUDH but don't want to jump, is that ok?
A - We're never going to make anyone do anything that don't want to while out with us and we do try to have a non jumping field master at our larger meets or if that is not realistic then we do notify everyone of ways around the fences. We know that not everyone wants to jump and try to accommodate that as much as we can.
If you do want to jump we ask that at all times ride behind the field master. It is especially important that you never attempt a jump if there is a hound anywhere near a jump.
If you know your horse is not the best at jumping then please let others go first and if your horse refuses then clear the jump quickly and let others go before you try again. We must keep up with the hunts man and hold ups cause the rest of the field to get delayed and potentially lose sign of the Field Master.

Q - What else do I need to know when coming out with the CUDH?
A - We are a student run pack doing things on a tight budget and with a small (but hard working) volunteer staff so occasionally some patience is required! This leads to a very relaxed atmosphere while hunting but a few things will make the day run a bit smoother. When at the meet please listen to the field Master and follow their instructions for an enjoyable day. Sometimes at meets the Field Master will shout instructions back to the rest of the field, please listen to those instructions and pass them back to the rest of the field. They can range from "Hold Hard" (Stop immediately!) "Hole Left/Right" (There is a hole on your left or right and warn the rest of the field), "Gate Please" (If last through please shut the gate behind you), "Hounds Please" (Let a hound/hounds through and make room), "Car" (There is a car behind, please everyone move over to the verge/side of the road and let them pass. Always thank them for doing so).
We ask that you do not overtake the field master and keep behind her at all times. Absolutely never overtake or interfere with the huntsman and his hounds. As we're a drag pack we rely on a runner to lay the scent and anyone interrupting that scent will throw the hounds off whether it on foot or mounted.

Q - What is a lawn meet?
A - Sometimes at CUDH we have meets where refreshments at the beginning of the day are provided, usually by the property owner hosting the meet. Everyone should be polite and thank the hosts for their hospitality and good etiquette dictates horses should be plaited.

Q - What if I fall off, do I have to carry on?
A - Everyone falls off now and again, we've all been there! You don't have to carry on but if you can get back on you're very welcome to continue. We ask that our field do shout 'loose horse" when someone falls off and that they stop and wait until that horse has been caught. If hounds aren't running and the field is fairly small the fieldmaster will often wait for people to remount. We also ask that you remember to pay your high fliers club entry fees, all to the good cause of building more jumps.

Q - I'd like to come to meets as a foot follower, is that ok?
A - We love people coming to our meets to follow on foot. All we ask is that you keep out the way (both people and vehicles) of the hounds and horses during the hunt and don't disrupt the scent by walking or driving over it. If you need some help on where to go ask at the meet who is the best person to follow. We also ask that you keep clear of jumps (I know they are easier to see over than hedges) and that if you see riders struggling with a gate or remounting a horse that you help them.

Q - What do I need to bring with me on the day?
A - Always bring you cap to pay for the days hunting. Often members bring a hip flask for a little tipple when we're resting a moment, as well as perhaps some baler twine too (if you need to fix a stirrup leather or rein; yes really it happens). It's also advisable to carry with you some emergency contact details just in case!

Q - I'm not sure where the meet is, how do I get there?
A - Our Facebook group is a good way to keep to date with the newest information regarding meets as often we post maps and directions on how to get to our meets. Please see the Facebook link along the top of the page.

Q - I've heard that CUDH can go quite fast, is that true?
A - Different meets are aimed at different people and some are faster than others. If you want more information about which meets are geared towards newcomers/children/a slower pace then see the meets page in the left hand menu. As we have to keep up with the hounds, our lines can get quite quick but we always endeavour to make it as fun and safe as possible. We encourage our members to keep their horses in control, to not cut each other up and for everyone to have enough room when jumping.
Common sense is needed to keep everyone safe and to have a nice experience. If you're worried on the day, please do approach a member of the hunt staff or support and let them know. Hunt staff are in Green jackets and supports committee will usually have a red arm band on.

Q - I'd quite like to be a runner for the CUDH, how do I go about doing that?
A - Please message one of the joint masters on the Facebook page who will gladly take your details and call upon you in the future! We'll even pay you!